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We greet you! Welcome to the world of natural handmade cosmetics!

The idea of ​​home cosmetics is not new, even our great-grandmothers knew that hair needs to be rinsed with herbs, and if you beat an egg with butter, you can get a cream. Soap was brewed at home for household needs, and scented toilet soap was produced by factories or brewed by pharmacists. But time passes and science does not stand still. Now we have so many ingredients available that our eyes just run wild! You no longer need to be a chemist or beautician to prepare soap and cosmetics at home. But as in any business, there are secrets and life hacks here. We are ready to share them!

Our team has been dealing with handmade cosmetics for many years and we will help you in the selection of ingredients and recipes. You can always count on advice. Call, write comments, we are always glad to communicate with you!

Everything that you find on the site, all products, recipes and articles - it all goes through our hands. We love testing new things! Soap making and home cosmetics is a hobby that has become a job and this is a double pleasure.

Is handmade cosmetics a new hobby for you? Do you want to use natural, “green”, safe and personalized cosmetics, but don't know where to start yet? Here you will find a selection of ingredients by tag, articles on theory and proven recipes.

If handmade soap and cosmetics have also become a profession for you, then you will appreciate our assortment, the quality of the goods, the attention of our managers to each customer, packaging and free shipping.

Happy shopping!


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